30 Nov 08

After my “American Breakfast” at the Railay Princess Resort & Spa (the hotel I was staying at for the past 3 days) I packed up everything and headed to the airport for my flight to Bangkok on a LLC, AirAsia. Things didn’t start out too well, my flight was delayed for quite sometime, which ended up taking most of the day.

Once I finally arrived in Bangkok, I took a bus to the hotel as it was much cheaper than a taxi. I was quite a scary experience, it was raining, the driver couldn’t speak English and all of the people on the bus (all tourists) didn’t know where to get off either. After one and a half hours in the hurrendous traffic I decided to get off. I was in luck, after finding my whereabouts I took a skytrain one stop back + a short walk and found my hotel. It was such a relief.

I was mentally exhausted, it took all day to get from Railey to my hotel in Bangkok. I headed out to get some food from the street stalls & fruit. Later that night was voiently sick, I think It might have been the fruit I ate. Today wasn’t a good day.

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