Bring on Paris, Berlin & Brussels

26 Dec 08

Eurail Tickets

A few weeks ago I tried to book my train travels to Paris, Berlin, Brussels & London via Rail Europe and it was extremely complex process in the end I gave up. There are so many different passes you can get ie 5 day pass, 3 country pass, 10 days within 2months pass. I ended up going to the office and booking it all there and one trip over the phone. Even then the Eurail pass doesn’t include all trains as someĀ  you need to pay extra for trips, booking charges etc…

Since I left it quite late most of the “better” hostels were booked out, especially in Berlin as I will be for NYE. Its almost time, my bag is packed and can’t wait for what the next 10 days are going to bring. As they say “the world is waiting for you”.


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