East London + Valentines Day Party

16 Feb 09

Valentines Day Part @ Shoreditch House

I finished up at my job at News International at the end of Jan 09 and been looking for work since. The market over here is very tough and to making it more of a challenge contract work is harder to find. Things did look up towards the end of last week, so I hoping something comes my way shortly.

Apart from sleeping in most days during the week I ventured out to East London with a friend on Friday afternoon. East London is serviced mainly by the DLR (Docklands Light Railway), the trains are computer control hence there is no driver on board, we sat right at the front of the train :-).

First stop was Canary Wharf Рthis the financial  district hub of London, all large national & international banks can be found here. Canary Wharf is home to some of the tallest building in the UK, the skyscrapers are a complete contrast from central London as there are very few tall buildings around.

Next stop was the O2 formerly known as Millennium Dome, these days it used for concerts and includes, restaurants, bars & cinema complex. The 02 is quite dead during the day when no events are being held, similar to Homebush Bay area back home.

We headed to Southwark to the bank of the Thames River and visited the TATE Modern. I didn’t understand most of the artworks & sculptors and got bored very quickly. We cross the Thames River over the London Millenium Footbridge to St Paul’s Cathedral.

I was quite lucky to be invited to come along to Valentines Day Party at the trendy private members club, Shoreditch House. Even though it was a chilly night in the single digits the outdoor 16m heated pool was the highlight of the night. I didn’t go for a swim but enjoyed the rooftop amostphere with backdrop of the night sky of East London.

Photo Gallery of East London. Until next time… the world is waiting for you.

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