Facebook Fail

18 Mar 09


Last week my Facebook profile switch over to the ‘new’ layout as announced. With any new change I gave it chance, until today. As you see in the screenshot above and for 2 more pages all updates where from one person, just another example of a Facebook Fail.

Facebook is starting to get complex to use and this new version tries to ‘highlight’ what I might be interested in instead letting me control what I want to see. I think it good the Facebook is trying new ideas to present large & constanly changing content, but they need to be gradually with small improvements.

Google is a great example, with Google Labs Experimental Search, users can opt in to be the guinea pig for potential new features for Google search results page. The Google Search Quality blog post was a great read about how much time is spent improving what Google currently offers, instead of a complete overhaul. In short the KISS rule is always best (sorry about the pun).

What are your thoughts on the ‘new’ facebook redesign?


im not a fan either babe

though i am a fan of IE8…much better than 7.

Josh | 11:52 pm on 19 Mar 09

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