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12 Jan 09

Street Art - Berlin

I have had such a busy week since coming back from my 10 day trip to Paris, Berlin & Brussels. I had a good time overall but wasn’t prepared for the icy winter days in all cities. I was wearing around 5-6 layers of clothing as I underestimated the weather.

Berlin was by far my favorite city and the cheapest in terms of living. Brussels on the other hardly anything special. I caught all my trains as per booked and quite happy it all worked out. I took over 700 pictures so going to sort through and post the best ones over the next few weeks. I have already sifting & uploaded my pictures of Pairs.

I am in full swing and back at work which is strangely quite hectic for this time of year trying to meet the deadline that constantly changes.


Hi Isaac,
Great website and interesting commentary. It is funny how the mundane things of life (toilets, food) tend to dominate travel for a while. We have just returned from 2 months away – in Argentina, Chile and Mexico.

Janet Bush | 10:36 pm on 13 Jan 09

I’m the only one in this world. Can please someone join me in this life? Or maybe death…

Fartascesty | 3:11 am on 24 Apr 09

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