Kayaking + Elephant Trekking

24 Nov 08

I woke up early still aching from the rock climbing, and managed to sort out a trip to Ao Nang very quick this time YAY!, had to pay a little extra but that was fine. After getting picked upĀ  from the tour guide we drove for about 20mins to do some kayaking. The tour guide was great he had alot of knowledge about the area and cracked a few jokes!. The main highlight was feeding the monkeys pineapple skins, some of them are very timid & cheeky. Also touching human bones which were thousands of years old was a bit eery, especially the lower jaw. Since it was low tide we stopped on a sand bank and saw lots of little creatures. There were thousands (i mean thousands) of tiny crabs crawling briskly along the sand, as soon as they felt endangered they buried them self under the sand. I had never seen real living starfish before, they where quite intreeging when they were placed upside down, they used there ‘legs’ (not sure what you call them) to turn them self up the right way.

It seems like ages we were paddling and I was getting tired, after seeing the various crabs, snails & managroves it was time to headed back.

After lunch we headed for about 30mins drive to do some Elephant trekking. I was a bit worried when I brought my ticket that I could have been adding to animal slavery that were living in small cages and hash conditions, I was totally wrong. The 10 elephants looked very well and seem to be well looked after and were about to roam around, no cages or fences.

My elephant guide was a 15 year boy and since it was just myself and a girl that worked there joined me on the elephant to balance the weight out. But during my ride she tired to chat me up and only joined me on the elephant because I looked handsome, haha. We had a great time/chat, she was a year younger than me, goes to uni, has a child and is trying to improve her English and one day she wants to open up here own tour company, she already got a name for it. I had a great time, even got to sit on the elephants neck for majority of the time. My elephant was 44 years old and her name was was honey, and she doesn’t have any offspring. After the trek I fed Honey some sugar bananas :). Each elephant costs a huge amount to maintain with the food & water they consume. Each elephant eats about 200kg of food each day plus drinks around 100L of water.

After a long and exciting day I headed back to my room and could start to feel the sunburn, ouch! Headed down to Railey East for dinner at the ‘Round Tree’. This place is very relaxed and caters of the western tourists, but isn’t over done. Their menu has mostly Thai food with some western dishes here and there. They even had a cocktail which you slipped out of a young coconut, will try that next time I go there. I just couldn’t go past the Thai fried rice which I had a few days earlier. I also order an entree I had no idea what it was. I forgot the name of it, but when it arrived I had no idea how to eat it, the lady was very helpful and should me how. It tasted like dried fruit with a bit of sourness in combination with the sweet sauce, different but very filling.


hey mate
looks like ur having an awesome time over there, i read ur blog and it sounds pretty amazing aye bro.
running a muk in thailand is on my to-do-list
peace out man

Big Benny Yager | 3:18 am on 29 Nov 08

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