London here I come! – Thailand Wrap Up

10 Dec 08

Well my time was coming to an end in Thailand, with a quick cab ride to the airport (30mins, instead of the painfully 90mins bus ride) looking back I had heaps of fun, and learnt alot about the Thai culture, but not nearly enough. Food is everywhere and met a few locals along the way who are happy to help you out, also fell in to few traps of getting scammed but managed to get out of them not too burnt. I think day tour kayaking & elephant trekking was the highlight. Well time to head off and catch my 12hr flight to London.

Here’s a few things quick caught my attention in Thailand and got me thinking:

  • Alcohol – available anywhere pretty much and cheap. I wondered into a 7 eleven (they are all over Bangkok & Ao Nang) you can only buy alcohol drinks between 11am – 2pm and 5pmĀ  – 11pm, licensed venues don’t have this ristriction. Cigarettes are unbelievably cheap (95 Bhat = $AUD4) no wonder so many Thais smoke, I noticed this alot in Ao Nang & Railey.
  • Soft drink – Most soft drink is usually consumed in a can (325ml) or glass bottle (250ml). The clever thing (ok, not that clever) is that when you finish you drink out of the glass bottle they are collected in plastic crates and reused!
  • Technology – Thailand has embracedĀ  technology, my mobile worked everywhere and never dropped out, even in the middle of river when I was kayaking in. The urinals flush automatically once you walk away from them (most places), Lots of ATM’s. Large intersections have a have a count down of how long until the light turns green – so simple but brilliant (ok, just a tad excited)
  • Food – I had a great time eating Thai food, but didn’t get to try everything I wanted, that will be next time.

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