My humble Christmas

25 Dec 08


This is my first Christmas alone  :-(. Most of London comes to a halt on Christmas day,  including majority of public transport, hence there isn’t alot going on.  I spent most the day relaxing, packing (for my 10 day trip tomorrow) & cooking!!

  • Cooked a huge breakfast – 3 eggs (yes I was hungry!), bacon, bread & tomato with Orange Juice
  • I made chill lime chicken with couscous salad, Yum!
  • Used up bits and pieces to make a pizza for dinner, which turned out quite well


sounds like christmas wasn’t that bad! particularly when you are master chef extraordinaire! looks delicious issac!! hope you weren’t too lonely!!
enjoy your trip!

llewella | 3:18 am on 26 Dec 08

don’t worry, you didnt miss anything here.

jacob | 7:42 am on 26 Dec 08

apart from mums delicious and scrumptious cooking as usual!!

Jacob | 12:39 pm on 25 Feb 09

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