Out & About in Bangkok

10 Dec 08

This was my only full day in Bangkok and I wasn’t feeling the best, but I headed out to The Grand Place anyway. The hotel I was staying at was close to the Sky Train station of Asok. The Sky train is a mix of a monorail & City Rail in Sydney, but it far out does Sydney public transport. All the trains are air conditioned, limited seats so lots of people and stand up, they are quick and they come frequently. The longest I had to wait was 10 minutes.

Bit of side story, there isn’t any public toilets that I came across in Bangkok apart from shopping centers. I was busting to go, had to pay money to use the toilet (3 Bhat) plus it was extra for toilet paper.

I caught a public ferry to visit the Grand Place. After you battle all the markets with vast array of food, drinks, fruit, and touristy items, you find yourself at the walls of the Grand Palace. It was such a hot day and I still wasn’t feeling the best.

Thais don’t have to pay to enter the Grand Place but ‘Foreigners’ do. The Grand Place has remarkable been kept in good condition. There is so much history surrounding the Grand Place,you are able to hire tour guides, something I wish I had done, but it was too hot for me to concentrate. I took lots of photos of the various buildings in the Grand Palace.

After some lunch I hopped back on the ferry down the river to visit Wat Po, the reclining Buddha. This place seem quite as large as the Grand Palace. I wondered about taking photos of the thousands of year old buildings.

I decided to see how the more affluent Thai’s live. When to the Paragon Shopping Centre in Siam for dinner. Its not the biggest shopping centre in Bangkok, but the beats any Westfield I have ever been to in Australia. The Shopping is complete with a cinemas, IMAX theatres, car dealerships, up market western stores and hundreds of other shops, massive food court and the paragon department store. I had a little wonder in the department store and was blown away with the range of pens you can choose from. Im glad I didn’t need a pen, there is just too many to pick from!

I also went to the fancy grocey store in the shopping centre, first word that comes to mind is WOW!. So much choice. One side of an asle was dedicated to toothpaste! There was food from every corner of the globe, you could even purchase dried figs from Iran. I could keeping going on and on and on, It was an experince. As I said before only the more affluent Thais could afford to shop here as the prices where quite steep compare to what you find in local 7 Eleven store which are dotted all round Bangkok.

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