Punting around in Cambridge… well, not quite

25 Jan 09

Cambridge, UK

Had a hectic and a week of work, work & work. Headed out of London today with a friend to see my first city from away from the big smoke…. Cambridge. Its an easy 45min direct train trip from central London. I am sure your well aware of the prestigious Cambridge University, according to Wikipedia its the 2nd oldest University in the English speaking world and home to the oldest printer & publisher in the world. This year its celebrating 800th anniversary.

The main train station is a little away from the town centre, but not too far. It seems like town is based around the University & canals. Cambridge has wide open street, is surrounded by spacious green parks, the crisp clean air is inviting & clam compared to the hustle & bustle in London.

Had no idea what a punt or putting was until today; its pretty much a flat boat (punt) and putting is where a person stands up and steersĀ  the boat by levering a pole into the floor of the canal to move the punt, Wikipedia does a better job explaining. We had a pleasant day wondering around the town. Took a few pictures too.

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