Rock Climbing in Railey (East)

14 Nov 08

I decided to do a day of rock climbing at Railey East, just a short walk from my hotel. This was the first time that I going to rock climb outdoors. After handing over my money I got some gear but it seems to different to Australia when do you any ‘Adventure Sports’ you have to sign your life away. Well after some quick instructions of how to tie this special knot in the rope so it can hold you weight we got climbing. Each climb the knot had to be done I just couldn’t remember all the steps no matter how hard I consentrated, this knot meant life or a painful death.

The climbs were great & very challenging. I managed to take a few pictures from the top of one climb. The photos don’t really show how tough some of the climbs really are. My instructor was great, giving tips along the way to help me out (especially with those knots – I think he got sick and tired of showing me). Well my ‘day’ of rock climbing only lasted 1/2 day as I was all out of strength.

The way the long tail boats operate to Railey depends on the number of people, I decided to head over to Ao Nang but found that I had to wait until they had 8 people wanting to go, unless I wanted to pay more to go straight away. After waiting 20mins and still being the only person things weren’t looking great. I popped over place next door and ordered the most delicious Thai fried rice I have ever had, my taste buds where buzzing with all the flavours, I wanted another one hahaha. Luckily 7 people turned up wanting to go to Ao Nang, so off I went.

There is nothing much at Ao Nang, its just a tourist destination, with shops selling food to suits, travel tours, thai massages and everything else in between. I decided to be brave and try some chicken from a street stall, tasted great but hygiene  didn’t seem to be a the top of there list, hopefully I wont get sick (Update: im alive & well 😛 ), I had a mango pancake as well. yummo!

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