Settling down in London

23 Dec 08

Regent Street - London

After 6 weeks of living in London I have started to settle in, here’s a few things which I got up to when I first arrived.

  • After my flight and went on my way to find YHA Central London. After hearing how good the public transport is in London things didn’t get off to a good start. The tube terminated in what seemed to be the middle of no where and it was raining. 3.5 hours later using a combinaion of public buses and various tubes I finally arrived exhausted, but relieved.
  • I stayed at the hostel for just over a week, which is only a few mintues walk to Oxford Street. I was looking desperately for a job & a place to live. I was quite lucky to find a share housed within 7 days and couldn’t wait to catch up on some proper sleep (Couldn’t put up with the loud snoring of some people at the hostel – something I think I need to get use to). I now live north of London near Manor House, there is a strong turkish influence in the area, the main street is lined with countless mini supermarkets & kebab shops, no joke!
  • Before I left Sydney I had already started to look for a job, but didn’t get many responses. So from day one I was looking for any front end developer roles. The week I arrived 20,000 people were sacked from there jobs which made it quite tough. After countless emails, phone calls and applying for jobs nothing was really going my way, all the jobs I apply for bar one where through agencies.

    Having to explain my sitution about my visa condition, previous work etc and dealing with rude recutiers ringing up and there first question was “How much do you earn at the moment?”, when I had no idea what they were offering. After two interviews (one of them was out london, but didn’t realised until I got there)  I ended up working back at my previous employer News Corp and started working the day after the interview, woohoo! I am currently working on a project for the  Each day as you read the paper businesses are folding and jobs are going, I was lucky to buck the trend 🙂


Hey that’s ace congrats on the job!!

terry | 5:10 am on 25 Dec 08

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