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Lentil & Rocket Salad with Organic Greek Feta

27 Dec 09

Lentil & Rocket Salad with Organic Greek Feta

I whipped up a quick salad for lunch which was delicious, here’s what you need to make your own.

  • ½ lemon
  • 1 tablespoon of virgin olive oil
  • 220g of canned green lentils, drained
  • ¼ small red onion, diced
  • ¼ red capisum, diced
  • 10 cherry tomatoes, quartered
  • 50g of Rocket Leaves, washed & drained
  • 100g Organic Greek Feta, diced

Whisk lemon & oil in a bowl. Add green lentils and mix. Add onion, capisum, cherry tomatoes and rocket leaves, mix. Add Feta and lightly toss with your finger trying not to break up the feta cubes. Now its all ready to eat, yum yum!

Makes enough for one or two as a side salad.

My humble Christmas

25 Dec 08


This is my first Christmas alone  :-(. Most of London comes to a halt on Christmas day,  including majority of public transport, hence there isn’t alot going on.  I spent most the day relaxing, packing (for my 10 day trip tomorrow) & cooking!!

  • Cooked a huge breakfast – 3 eggs (yes I was hungry!), bacon, bread & tomato with Orange Juice
  • I made chill lime chicken with couscous salad, Yum!
  • Used up bits and pieces to make a pizza for dinner, which turned out quite well

London here I come! – Thailand Wrap Up

10 Dec 08

Well my time was coming to an end in Thailand, with a quick cab ride to the airport (30mins, instead of the painfully 90mins bus ride) looking back I had heaps of fun, and learnt alot about the Thai culture, but not nearly enough. Food is everywhere and met a few locals along the way who are happy to help you out, also fell in to few traps of getting scammed but managed to get out of them not too burnt. I think day tour kayaking & elephant trekking was the highlight. Well time to head off and catch my 12hr flight to London.

Here’s a few things quick caught my attention in Thailand and got me thinking:

  • Alcohol – available anywhere pretty much and cheap. I wondered into a 7 eleven (they are all over Bangkok & Ao Nang) you can only buy alcohol drinks between 11am – 2pm and 5pm  – 11pm, licensed venues don’t have this ristriction. Cigarettes are unbelievably cheap (95 Bhat = $AUD4) no wonder so many Thais smoke, I noticed this alot in Ao Nang & Railey.
  • Soft drink – Most soft drink is usually consumed in a can (325ml) or glass bottle (250ml). The clever thing (ok, not that clever) is that when you finish you drink out of the glass bottle they are collected in plastic crates and reused!
  • Technology – Thailand has embraced  technology, my mobile worked everywhere and never dropped out, even in the middle of river when I was kayaking in. The urinals flush automatically once you walk away from them (most places), Lots of ATM’s. Large intersections have a have a count down of how long until the light turns green – so simple but brilliant (ok, just a tad excited)
  • Food – I had a great time eating Thai food, but didn’t get to try everything I wanted, that will be next time.

Out & About in Bangkok

10 Dec 08

This was my only full day in Bangkok and I wasn’t feeling the best, but I headed out to The Grand Place anyway. The hotel I was staying at was close to the Sky Train station of Asok. The Sky train is a mix of a monorail & City Rail in Sydney, but it far out does Sydney public transport. All the trains are air conditioned, limited seats so lots of people and stand up, they are quick and they come frequently. The longest I had to wait was 10 minutes.

Bit of side story, there isn’t any public toilets that I came across in Bangkok apart from shopping centers. I was busting to go, had to pay money to use the toilet (3 Bhat) plus it was extra for toilet paper.

I caught a public ferry to visit the Grand Place. After you battle all the markets with vast array of food, drinks, fruit, and touristy items, you find yourself at the walls of the Grand Palace. It was such a hot day and I still wasn’t feeling the best.

Thais don’t have to pay to enter the Grand Place but ‘Foreigners’ do. The Grand Place has remarkable been kept in good condition. There is so much history surrounding the Grand Place,you are able to hire tour guides, something I wish I had done, but it was too hot for me to concentrate. I took lots of photos of the various buildings in the Grand Palace.

After some lunch I hopped back on the ferry down the river to visit Wat Po, the reclining Buddha. This place seem quite as large as the Grand Palace. I wondered about taking photos of the thousands of year old buildings.

I decided to see how the more affluent Thai’s live. When to the Paragon Shopping Centre in Siam for dinner. Its not the biggest shopping centre in Bangkok, but the beats any Westfield I have ever been to in Australia. The Shopping is complete with a cinemas, IMAX theatres, car dealerships, up market western stores and hundreds of other shops, massive food court and the paragon department store. I had a little wonder in the department store and was blown away with the range of pens you can choose from. Im glad I didn’t need a pen, there is just too many to pick from!

I also went to the fancy grocey store in the shopping centre, first word that comes to mind is WOW!. So much choice. One side of an asle was dedicated to toothpaste! There was food from every corner of the globe, you could even purchase dried figs from Iran. I could keeping going on and on and on, It was an experince. As I said before only the more affluent Thais could afford to shop here as the prices where quite steep compare to what you find in local 7 Eleven store which are dotted all round Bangkok.

Kayaking + Elephant Trekking

24 Nov 08

I woke up early still aching from the rock climbing, and managed to sort out a trip to Ao Nang very quick this time YAY!, had to pay a little extra but that was fine. After getting picked up  from the tour guide we drove for about 20mins to do some kayaking. The tour guide was great he had alot of knowledge about the area and cracked a few jokes!. The main highlight was feeding the monkeys pineapple skins, some of them are very timid & cheeky. Also touching human bones which were thousands of years old was a bit eery, especially the lower jaw. Since it was low tide we stopped on a sand bank and saw lots of little creatures. There were thousands (i mean thousands) of tiny crabs crawling briskly along the sand, as soon as they felt endangered they buried them self under the sand. I had never seen real living starfish before, they where quite intreeging when they were placed upside down, they used there ‘legs’ (not sure what you call them) to turn them self up the right way.

It seems like ages we were paddling and I was getting tired, after seeing the various crabs, snails & managroves it was time to headed back.

After lunch we headed for about 30mins drive to do some Elephant trekking. I was a bit worried when I brought my ticket that I could have been adding to animal slavery that were living in small cages and hash conditions, I was totally wrong. The 10 elephants looked very well and seem to be well looked after and were about to roam around, no cages or fences.

My elephant guide was a 15 year boy and since it was just myself and a girl that worked there joined me on the elephant to balance the weight out. But during my ride she tired to chat me up and only joined me on the elephant because I looked handsome, haha. We had a great time/chat, she was a year younger than me, goes to uni, has a child and is trying to improve her English and one day she wants to open up here own tour company, she already got a name for it. I had a great time, even got to sit on the elephants neck for majority of the time. My elephant was 44 years old and her name was was honey, and she doesn’t have any offspring. After the trek I fed Honey some sugar bananas :). Each elephant costs a huge amount to maintain with the food & water they consume. Each elephant eats about 200kg of food each day plus drinks around 100L of water.

After a long and exciting day I headed back to my room and could start to feel the sunburn, ouch! Headed down to Railey East for dinner at the ‘Round Tree’. This place is very relaxed and caters of the western tourists, but isn’t over done. Their menu has mostly Thai food with some western dishes here and there. They even had a cocktail which you slipped out of a young coconut, will try that next time I go there. I just couldn’t go past the Thai fried rice which I had a few days earlier. I also order an entree I had no idea what it was. I forgot the name of it, but when it arrived I had no idea how to eat it, the lady was very helpful and should me how. It tasted like dried fruit with a bit of sourness in combination with the sweet sauce, different but very filling.

Rock Climbing in Railey (East)

14 Nov 08

I decided to do a day of rock climbing at Railey East, just a short walk from my hotel. This was the first time that I going to rock climb outdoors. After handing over my money I got some gear but it seems to different to Australia when do you any ‘Adventure Sports’ you have to sign your life away. Well after some quick instructions of how to tie this special knot in the rope so it can hold you weight we got climbing. Each climb the knot had to be done I just couldn’t remember all the steps no matter how hard I consentrated, this knot meant life or a painful death.

The climbs were great & very challenging. I managed to take a few pictures from the top of one climb. The photos don’t really show how tough some of the climbs really are. My instructor was great, giving tips along the way to help me out (especially with those knots – I think he got sick and tired of showing me). Well my ‘day’ of rock climbing only lasted 1/2 day as I was all out of strength.

The way the long tail boats operate to Railey depends on the number of people, I decided to head over to Ao Nang but found that I had to wait until they had 8 people wanting to go, unless I wanted to pay more to go straight away. After waiting 20mins and still being the only person things weren’t looking great. I popped over place next door and ordered the most delicious Thai fried rice I have ever had, my taste buds where buzzing with all the flavours, I wanted another one hahaha. Luckily 7 people turned up wanting to go to Ao Nang, so off I went.

There is nothing much at Ao Nang, its just a tourist destination, with shops selling food to suits, travel tours, thai massages and everything else in between. I decided to be brave and try some chicken from a street stall, tasted great but hygiene  didn’t seem to be a the top of there list, hopefully I wont get sick (Update: im alive & well 😛 ), I had a mango pancake as well. yummo!