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Job Update + Out & about in London

10 Apr 09


I have been without a job for close to a month now. The market has been quite tough especially towards the end of March, early April being the end of the financial year in the UK.

In the past week I have noticed in the area of Front End Development the contact side of the job market has improved quite rapidly. So much so I have attended a number of interviews and had 3 jobs offers! I can’t believe the turnaround. I start my new job on Tuesday working on a great project.

With the temperatures warming up and days getting longer now was a great time to get outdoors, here’s what ive been up to over the past few weeks…

  • Sleeping in  🙂
  • Finsbury Park – This 45 hectare park is just up the road, its massive spanning over 2 suburbs.
  • Hyde Park & Green Park – Located in central London, had a lovely day walking around.
  • Heaven Foam Party – Loads of fun was soaking wet by the end of the night.
  • South Bank – Nice warm weather, people were flocking outdoors for the sunshine.
  • St Johns Wood – quite high density apartments which are quite sort after. Kate Moss & Sir Paul McCartney are some hight profile residents.
  • Hampstead Heath – This is one of the more affluent suburbs around London, some of the most expensive property is located in the Hampstead area. The shops that line the streets are aimed at the high end consumers. Jamie Oliver is a resident in Hampstead.

The Easter long weekend is here, I am venturing down to sunny Brighton today, going par-take in my first CouchSurfing experience – im excited!

the world is waiting for you


04 Mar 09


My Saturday night started with Gay Bingo at Institute of Contemporary Arts,  with a bunch of friends. Arriving an hour before hand was a good idea, the line to get in was huge just to play bingo. The night was nothing like I was expecting, hosted by Jonny Woo a drag artist as they call him, it was full of unexpected events & random costumes throughout the evening. Each bingo game took ages to play, in just over 3 hours we only completed 3 games!

Having friends with connections always helps, getting into Heaven was a breeze, we were able to head straight in without lining up wooohoo!! I made sure I was close to the stage just before September was about to perform. I was pleased that Heaven wasn’t packed shoulder to shoulder as when Lady GaGa performed the previous month. The Swedish singer, Petra Marklund better known by her stage name September is widely known for her dance smash hit ‘Cry for You‘, put on a great performance. She came across as friendly and genuinely enjoying herself which made it a great night out.

Check out the pix.

Lady GaGa, j-j-just dance

19 Jan 09

Lady Gaga @ Heaven UK

I had been waiting eagerly for Lady GaGa to perform at Heaven ever since it was announced in Dec 08. I left home and battled my way through the cold wet rain and started to line up early (in the rain). Once I was in, the music on the main dance floor was very hit & miss throughout the night. As the hours passed people were still streaming into the club and it was beyond packed. I managed to be towards the front, but it came with many extra’s such as ‘free’ sweat from the people next to me, barely able move my arms and thick hot air seemed to fill the room, ahh… what more could you want.

Around 2am Lady GaGa came on and all little things that were bothering me didn’t matter any more. She put a non stop performance, created a fun & enjoyable vibe in addition to her unique fashion sense. Wooohooo!!!!

I took quite a number of pix, due to the lighting & the wild crowd not all of them turned out, check them out anyway. Can’t believe she is only 22 and her song ‘Just Dance‘ has already peaked at number one in UK, US, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand & Australia. Have a feeling there are going to be more great hits from her.