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Time flies when your having fun

12 Sep 10

Meknes - Morocco

The title of this post explains why I haven’t made a post in the last 9 months. Ive been travelling (yet again), working and relocated back home to Sydney, Australia, leaving London behind. Follow me on twitter to stay in the loop.

Here’s the quick version of what I got up to in the first few week of my 3 month trip home, most of the links below are some pictures I took along the way.

  • I worked for most of the English winter until April. I packed up my stuff and shipped it home, gladly I managed to fit it into one tea-chest box. Looking back I really miss London, there is always something to do no matter what day of the week it is. Saying goodbye to my friends in London town was a sad moment, we had so much fun, ill never forget it.
  • Good Friday was when my next adventure would begin. First stop was Porto in Portaugal, followed by beautiful Lisbon and a night train to Madrid, Spain. I was lucky enough to couchsurf in central Madrid, minutes away from Plaza Mayor for a few days, I headed out to the spanish countryside to Avila & Toledo as well.
  • To celebrate ASOT450 I headed to Bratislava in Slovakia in a tiny ATR 42 is a twin-turboprop plane  for a night, then headed to Wroclaw for a second night of ASOT450. After two flights, catching the wrong train and being ripped off by a taxi driver I finally made it to Wroclaw only to find out ASOT450 was canceled due the Polish president and his wife being killed in an air crash. I was so drained that day, sometimes things such don’t go to plan.
  • I spent a week in Poland visiting Wroclaw, Krakow (Auschwitz & Salt Mine) and Warsaw. Disaster struck again as flights were grounded in most of the EU due to the volanci ash spewing out of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland. After waiting 3 hours in line to purchase a train ticket to Berlin, Germany I was over the moon. Poland was in mourning, shops and daily life was slow down to minimum, so I was glad I was leaving.
  • I ended up spending an unplanned week in Berlin (I also checked out Potsdam) trying to get to get to Morocco anyway posible, I booked a 34 hour train trip to Tarifa which is on the tip of south Spain and catch a ferry over to Taniger in Morocco. Yes I was that desperate. Fortunately a few days later the planes where flying again and I got to Morocco in less than 34 hours. YAY!!!! Only downfall is I missed my tour group in Morocco by one week. Gecko Adventures which I booked my trip through didn’t refund my money or have any compassion for  the situation I was in. My advice is to steer clear of them.
  • I had to tackle  Morocco on my own without any pre-reading before hand, in the end I visited Casablanca, Taniger, Fes, Meknes, Rabat (Capital), Marrakesh all by train. I throughly enjoyed my time in Morocco, never meet some many locals that are genuinely  friendly and I stayed in some amazing guest houses (hostels don’t really exist over there).

Thats the first 5 weeks of my adventure, stay tuned for the next few weeks I spend visiting the Middle East.

Cya Australia – Hello Thailand

05 Nov 08

What a day! After an emotional goodbye to my other half I boarded on the TG 994 flight to Bangkok, the plane was half full which was great, had 3 seats all to myself 🙂 For those playing at home here was my breakfast (doesn’t look that great, but was better then  I expected) & lunch (hmmm so much for the ‘cucumber & lettuce salad with Italian dressing’). I thought I was funny that the captain announced that Barack Obama won the election during the flight. After a few movies I was in Bangkok and was glad to reunited with my backpack, 17.5kg feels heavier though. I searched for the AirAsia booking counter for my flight to Krabi, which is located at ‘DE’, it reminded me of playing battleships the way all the airlines where setup in Bangkok airport.

The flight only took an hour and read up on what to expect to pay for taxi to Ao Nang from Krabi Airport and where I would need to catch a long tail boat to Railey. To my surprise the bus was only 150 B (AUD $6) instead of the 800B (AUD $34) I was expecting. This bus journey open my eyes up of how the locals live. Most of the shops & food stalls are open (8:30pm) with lots of people about. After an hour I was getting worried that i caught the right bus, I didn’t expect it to take that long, but after aw few more minutes I am was in An Nang. I also read up that the long tail boats cost more at night 100B instead of the usual 80B. Myself and this Israslie girl I had met were both going to Railey, the lady said it was 1500B (AUD $64) each! We both got a massive shock, and knew we were being ripped off. After a bit of negotiation, she settled for 650B (AUD $28) each. Still wasn’t happy but didn’t have much choice.

By the time I arrived at my room it was close to 9:30pm, went and got some food, something similar to seefood tom yum (can’t remember the name), the only difference (I found this out after I at it) it was more spicy, the soup was floating with fried red chillies. I was starving, after a few mouth fulls my mouth was numb and sweating, tasted great though.