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A State of Trance 400

09 Apr 09


For those who don’t know I am a tad crazy about Armin Van Buuren. Armin Only was the first event I saw Armin Van Buuren play a set live when he came to Sydney last year (2008). A State of Trance (ASOT) his weekly radio show is coming up to his 400th transmission. To celebrate the 8 year long radio show, ASOT 400 is being broadcast for 72 hours over three countries; Germany, United Kingdom & The Netherlands. I am quite lucky that I am able to make it to Birmingham next week. Only 7 days remaining!

In my spare time I knocked upĀ  a site for the special ASOT 400 episode, I also took this opportunity to expand my skill set, this was my first PHP website. Here’s what I used…

  • WordPress – The site is part of my blog working in conjunction with WordPress, this saved time from having to build the site from scratch and learnt some of the more advanced features of WordPress.
  • Twitter API – Documentation of the Twitter API is extensive and well written. Using SimplePie made the process of displaying tweets on the site a breeze as it took care of the caching.
  • Amazon API – I had quite alot of trouble with this API, very poorly written documentation with not many examples. One of the biggest downsides I found is the I couldn’t distingish between the MP3 downloads weather it was a single or album. I found an alternative way display just albums but its not ideal.
  • Google Maps API – I have worked with the Google Maps API before, if I had more time I would have liked to of used the Street View feature.
  • Flickr API – Using phpFlickr made the job easy and the well written documentation was great too.
  • RSS feeds – Parsing XML feeds in php wasn’t an easy task since I was so new to the langauge, but I seem to pick up quickly

My side project is complete –

Hello World!

27 Oct 08

Welcome to my brand spanking new blog!….oooh shiny! and my first post.

I am less than two weeks away from leaving my life in Australia and traveling abroad overseas on a working holiday to the UK. This blog will be the place to be to see what mischief I have been up to. I am quite excited & a tad nervous whats coming my way, but I pumped and ready to go!

One of the things on my to-do list before I headed off was to choose which blog to blog on. I did alot of research into which blogging platform would best to implement, naturally my first choice was something ASP.NET based, but I was quite disappointed what was on offer. I decided to broaden my search and it came down to two blogging systems; WordPress or MoveableType. I got both systems up and running, but WordPress just seem to have a larger and more active community. In the short about of time I have been using WordPress I have been impressed with some of the features & plug-ins available.

Unfortunelty I ran out of time to implement all the bells & whistle that I was after, but have just kept it simple to start with!