The Crisis of Credit

22 Feb 09

I come across some great articles mainly to do with web development, recently I have started to keep track of them using delicious.

This animation by Jonathan Jarvis explaining the current credit crisis in simple terms did an outstanding job, so much so I am even blogging about it. I can’t start to imagine how many hours it took to research, plan & animate this video.

Its quite long at 11 minutes but you would want it to keep going after you have watched it, as they animation concepts used are easy to grasp and well polished. Reading some of the comments on Vimeo, this over simplification version of events is missing a few important factors. Overall being such a complex topic with many parties involved I think Jonathan Jarvis and his animation skills have done a marvelous  job to spell out the basics of the underlying issues that have brought us to the current state of the global economy.

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